The Rock supports British boy Marley Nicholls who needs bone marrow transplant to save his life

The Rock has united celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Vernon Kay funding a campaign to discover a donor for a young British boy that desperately needs a bone marrow transplant.

Marley Nicholls, six, from Newport, Wales, demands the transplant after being diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, a rare life threatening illness that stops the body producing sufficient blood cells.

Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson has tweeted his service, saying he’s”pullin’ for you Marley”.

The former wrestler turned actor was that the second-highest paid Hollywood celebrity in the year to July, making $124m (Number 97m).

He has 13.1m followers on Twitter.

Marley’s family was looking for a suitable donor because he had been diagnosed with July.

Aplastic anaemia is indeed infrequent it only impacts between 30 and 40 kids annually in the united kingdom.

They had expected that his younger brother, George, are a game but he wasn’t.

Marley’s mom Shaney Truman stated:”Marley was diagnosed with July 23, along with the information could not have been out of the blue.

“A couple weeks later he was taken to hospital, we had been advised he could die in the next a few decades.

“He wants a bone marrow transplant urgently.

“There are thousands and thousands of individuals on the register, however there is no fit for Marley. His little brother is not a game.

“We want people to register, it only takes five minutes to perform a swab and it’s absolutely free.”

She told Coventry Live:”We’re desperately looking for a game for Marley to provide him a life threatening donor.

“it is a race against time we will need to locate it fast. Please please please let’s. You might be the one which may function as life saver”

Stars such as comedian Keith Lemon, Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles, supermodel Heidi Klum and presenter Vernon Kay have endorsed the Marrow for Marley effort, urging people to enroll as stem cell donors.

As it was established on Facebook, 14,000 individuals have signed up, based on Ms Truman.

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The Rock supports British boy Marley Nicholls who needs bone marrow transplant to save his life

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